From my lense

Friday July 13, 2018

Life..as I always say .. rather see..one life but different lenses..zoom in zoom out..out captures the same scene..we just filter it from our prospect..we want to see light...we brighten it.. if we want to ignore something..we delete it.. sometimes the results are unclear n hazy too.. we might not remember the people ...the camera role has thousands of memories...lik Read more...


As a child, you know you are born different…but you don't figure what is the difference…

My journey starts from a small town, a small school and a big joint family. I was always a reason for raised eyebrows and an uncanny look. I knew I was not like others…I had dreams, I had different views but I didn’t know how to unfold them…understand them. Finally an opportunity to study fashion in Delhi came my way…which was always my vision and my passion, but it wasn't structured. I was a simple girl with deep values struggling to survive alone learning to manage things on my own. This life taught me a lot of skill management.

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