Where is the blue?

Tuesday December 19, 2017

Traveling to jodhpur…the blue city..my eyes were wandering…searching…the blue in jodhpur was not the way I expected it to be…it was like hidden treasures… Where do we get the inspirations from… As always around us..visiting newer places always fascinate me….architecture..culture..story..history…local dressing style..food..the tie n dye n lehariyas… Read more...


As a child, you know you are born different…but you don't figure what is the difference…

My journey starts from a small town, a small school and a big joint family. I was always a reason for raised eyebrows and an uncanny look. I knew I was not like others…I had dreams, I had different views but I didn’t know how to unfold them…understand them. Finally an opportunity to study fashion in Delhi came my way…which was always my vision and my passion, but it wasn't structured. I was a simple girl with deep values struggling to survive alone learning to manage things on my own. This life taught me a lot of skill management.

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