Sipping thoughts

Happy Wednesdays..

I have been meaning to start my weekly must be like me we all think..we are doing small jobs..worthless of mentioning or talking over a cup of tea..we get so lost with our…

Love You Life

The story of “Parijat”

It’s Janmashtami today..Krishna..who is everyone’s love.. everyone‘s child..always smiling..always witty..naughty..his told and untold mysteries.. What’s I want to share with you today is the story of the PARIJAT TREE…the story of love for Krishna and…

Love You Life

The artist in all of us…

I picked up my canvas took me years to pick my brush again..your brainy asks you a lot of stops scares tells you fearful tells you to be unique…

Love You Life

Thank you mango tree

Do I speak to tree and flowers? Yes, I do… I looked at my mango trees…hey…did not I say my mango trees? How did I decide they are mine? These trees have been there before…

Just Little Things

From my lense I always say .. rather life but different lenses..zoom in zoom out..out captures the same scene..we just filter it from our prospect..we want to see light…we brighten it.. if we want to ignore…

Love You Life

Where is the blue?

Traveling to jodhpur…the blue eyes were wandering…searching…the blue in jodhpur was not the way I expected it to be…it was like hidden treasures… Where do we get the inspirations from… As always around us..visiting…

An Affair With Flowers

A little peep in my studio..

I do so many things professionally.. But, being a florist comes so naturally… Flowers are the most beautiful tools to design.. to play around.. While I was designing a simple home dinner set up for…

Just Little Things

Soul searching….another journey..a bliss…

Spirituality.. At peace…status-happy n contended….short life. So much to do. God ..A myth or a super power…unseen. Untraceable …most controversial.. Questions.. Unanswered… belief….doubts….. Navratri starts today.. Like every year… I get happy.. I get anxious…

Just Little Things

Our Favorite Sibling Tales

In between the hustle-bustle of Rakhi, bundles being packed and shipped…some challenging and tiring moments… I overheard the team at office … on the lunch table…giggling and laughing to the glory… What was the topic?…