Sipping thoughts

One Life After all

We are born today.. Innocent.. Blinking eyes.. We grow up.. Innocent.. Vulnerable…Clumsy…Confused.. Awkward.. Trying to prove a point.. Then responsible…Again proving a point.. Ambitions.. Dreams.. Competitive.. Busy…Love life.. Kids.. Adjustments.. Some fulfilled dreams.. Some shattered…Trying…

Love You Life

My Kind of living

How we all think that this property and this land is mine…how we fight…My job.. My position.. My security.. My comfort zone…Do we realize we are the tiniest part of his existence… What we think…

Love You Life

Work Life as I know it

When you tell the client.. Leave it on me…when you feel there is a connection to what you are creating.. When you stand there and say …oh Yes.. I am happy.. The symmetry.. The simplicity…..

Sipping thoughts

Some work..some fun..makes us a happy team..

My wedding Anniversary….a sweet surprise by my office team.. Sweet and fun..      Some fairy lights..few quirky printed cushions..cold wind..paper lamps..a cute sofa seat.. Love, laughter, happiness.. That was the air.. photos..Instagram, snapchat…

Sipping thoughts

Blame it on romantic stories…

All my life I have listened, watched and seen love stories around. My dreams are innocent with my idea of romance being bunch of red roses, surprises, moonlight dinners, long drives while holding hands. Proposals…