Making a power point..creating your logo..designing a home..by default you start looking at Pinterest..we write blogs..some original..some colored by digital media..

I am one of them too..

….always working towards keeping my originality..its tough..you are short of ideas so many times..you see something you appreciated..you want to involve that in your own set up..

Challenges..Roadblocks..Frustrations..these are the morning, afternoon and nights of a concept studio..

There are times when I am blank..there are times when I get up in the middle of night with a great idea..sometimes I forget it too..

We are pressed with the time and deadlines..we have to make money too..

Pending bills..taking care of the worldly set up around..managing your social set up..home needs..somewhere we get lost in the whole process..

You worry, people will mock at your designs..you will make a fool of yourself..you lack confidence..you sweat..you fumble..you shy away..


Is it not the story of we all? sounds familiar?

But why..who are we trying to prove a  point..whose approval is required..it is me ..i need to tell myself..i and only I know ..we follow what is being done forever..we wear what we wear because we see everybody doing the same..we follow facebook and instagram’s and decide the parameters for ourselves..


I am a little child who also gets carried away..who also goes and buys the same stuff after seeing someone looking great in a certain way..


who takes a gym membership thinking I will take out time..goes to a fancy grocery store.. fill up the kitchen thinking of maintaining the same buffet laid out as in any fancy five star hotel…