Spirituality.. At peace…status-happy n contended….short life. So much to do. God ..A myth or a super power…unseen. Untraceable …most controversial.. Questions.. Unanswered… belief….doubts…..

Navratri starts today.. Like every year… I get happy.. I get anxious too. Confused mind set.. I keep some fast.. Some rituals. Some eagerness to spend time in bliss. Some customary traditions too..

I dress in Indian way around this time… a total transformation…how do I see my goddess Durga?..Why do we worship. Some god who we have not seen only. The new generation we have questions about the existence of god and mythology..

Who is she to me…it’s so simple.. We unnecessarily complicate our faith.. She herself is the faith…the powerhouse.. As called THE SHAKTI.. She has the answers of our questions.. Those little questions.. We share our innermost fear and worries with her.. She takes the blame too for things not going well in our lives.. She has witnessed our weakest moments n embarrassments too….and she is unconditional …she will never judge you..

For me its a holiday time… a little home coming.. Around this time.. Festivals are the excuses to do certain things at a certain time.. Else we say… ok I will do it tomorrow… I am busy..

So it’s a short home coming time for me.. Let me use hibiscus flowers. The bandhni n gotas ..Some bandanwars n rangoli..Some shlokas n .chants…some halwa Prasad to cheat my disciplined diet plans…let me wear sarees n some flowers in my hair…

I am happy.. I am celebration…I am the Shakti …I am fearless… I am my faith.. I laugh n cry…I sulk but I celebrate too…I get discouraged n I jump back to life too…cause we all have little Durga in us…

So live.. Give some to life.. Take back some from life…
We all live once..