As a child, I wondered what Valentine’s Day is all about with all that fuss that love carries along. Do we really need a day to dedicate in the name of love? All those promotions and malls decked up in love with social media and marketing giants ready to cash on it.

But, eventually this day unfolds delightfulness in every bit with bundles of new hopes, some sunshine and fun with heartfelt love proposals.  Along comes the cute and crazy gifts, teddies, love letters, chocolates with crazy hearts ready to jump on the roller coaster called love. With naughtiness come few indecent ones too but, all of this is worth cherishing. It looks promising as love comes with gifts, expectations and the feel of everything being alright. Some take care of multiple hearts and others pamper the only expensive ones.

Here, I laugh as I understand and participate in the carnival of love with painted red walls and picking up the ideas and searching to be different for the fresh hearts. What could be a good Online Valentine’s Day gift and those Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will prepare the love boat?


Personal clicks the right away. Start it with the morning and give them a surprise bed time tea with a cute pair of mug that has your names imprinted. I feel it’s the gift that gets the date right on bed. As romantic and as unexpected.


For the beer love in your life, nothing can surprise them more than a chilled beer mug waiting to greet them in the freezer. Say cheers to love!

Believe me or not, this bucket is going to set a romantic note. No one says no to chocolates and you are getting this one loaded with love. Your day is going to see some serious romance happening.


So, they have said if not you they can date their phone. For their love for phone, you can send your love through a cheeky print.

When in love, words matter. Dip it in your feeling and it will just set the love rhythm right. They can savor rich chocolates while they explore the hearty words.

I call it the enchanted hamper of love. Nothing better than setting up an evening scene on your terrace with two steaming hot cups of coffee and sharing some hearty chats when they get home. Valentine’s served well.


Yes flowers are lovely but, lovelier could be a fresh plant to keep it forever. For your happily ever after, this gets endless love and a promise that will stay.


Keep it minimal yet, noticeable. Love is colorful and full of life. Lively are these coasters, include them in their cabins and tables for a gentle remind every now and then.


A combination loaded with sweetness, this one fits them who enjoy seclusion once in a while just to listen to themselves. Your way to give them space with a cup of hot chocolate and a book to read and they will come back to you with double the love.


Beauty and the Keeper! Appreciations and compliments is the key to a successful love story. Add some blush and color and the hamper of romance will be in making. Remember, all it takes is thoughtfulness to score that gift of love. All set for valentine’s now?