How I wish all men have some girls in their lives to help them manage things better. Commonly encountered one are the ways she would just be nothing but happy. A tough nut to crack, that’s what we have learnt all this while.

With her birthday, what we also notice are the constant mood swings. It’s like her mood swings also get mood swings. You cannot help but blame it on PMS. But noooo! It’s the anticipation of getting a gift that moves her, a gift that is full of efforts, the efforts to make her feel loved.

Poor guy! He brings it all, the expensive branded bags and tries to match the designer clothes with an overnight hotel stay. With that face which tries to be happy, something still is missing. Here the boyfriend wonders if she already has a similar bag or the fit of the dress was not right. May be, she just didn’t like it all and kept them anyway just by seeing his efforts.

Walks in his friend and being a girl she understands that it’s not the big gifts alone but the ideas and the cuteness around it makes it special.

She will smile and all you need to do is ring the bell of her heart with the efforts and ideas you put in getting that one gift. Here out her plan for a round a clock surprise to get that gorgeous smile on.

Open her eyes to a charming bed treat as mornings are the best time to shower your love with a fresh day to look forward. And who doesn’t want those warm cuddles?


The bling in her eyes will come with the sorted hamper that you place in the bathing area. Leave some scented candles behind for mesmerizing her senses with your thoughtfulness.


Now, that she is all set to leave for the day leave a gentle reminder that you would be around with a sugary message in a bottle in her car. A token to make her escape once in a while in the middle of those piled up files and calls.


While she is busy decking up for work you can smoothly change the cover of her phone. Little things that I said brings out the best expressions.


These girls have best friends everywhere. Just get in touch with one of her close colleague and she can help you in executing an office time jaw dropping moment with a cute picture framed on her desk.


While she is caught thinking this cannot get better, entice her with a delivery that way totally unexpected yet a cute call. Include the soft toy to make it easy to say.


Wait till you get home girl! Get it all on to make that heart smile. Nothing ends the day well better than a fine dining with your beloved. Let the wine flow!


Yes! The much needed sleep and that made special with the fancy eye mask. A day well spent and night to look forward to a beautiful relationship ahead. And here you were thinking it’s a hard nut to crack. Oh wait! I would like to see you smiling too.