I picked up my canvas today..it took me years to pick my brush again..your brainy mind..it asks you a lot of questions..it stops you..it scares you..it tells you fearful stories..it tells you to be unique n super intelligent..it sets doubt in your mind…

How do I know this..because..it’s happening with me..so I took a plunge..I want to get to know myself…better is to start..what at most..I will fail..let me fail…every step I take will make me know myself better..let my canvas become an expression of my self discovery..

I always thought…art is something that others have to love..but no..art is to create n enjoy for myself..what if it’s not the best ..but it’s me..it’s my therapy..

I am going to tell a story..that’s something known only to me..but let me explain it..through my brush n paints..
What inspires me the most is …the colours that flows out…ideas..thoughts..inspirations..worries..that floats around you…n when you try to box them up..but you cannot..

It’s my encounter with my mind..my brain..it’s my connection..the relationship between the colours I choose..between me n the canvas..me n myself..me n my creative source..

Let me be a child again..allow me to scribble on the wall..appreciate me when I make a small circle..or don’t appreciate me..laugh at me..

But let me be a child again..

Love you life…