It’s Janmashtami today..Krishna..who is everyone’s love.. everyone‘s child..always smiling..always witty..naughty..his told and untold mysteries..

What’s I want to share with you today is the story of the PARIJAT TREE…the story of love for Krishna and jealousy between his two most loved wives. How the story is..

Narada offering a flower called Parijat to Krishna who is in the company of his first wife Rukmani and gopis…. Showering his love on Rukmani…he gives the flower to her …who accepts it with great veneration and love. ….Then Narada visits to Satyabhama…Krishna’s second wife …and tells her about the divine flower Parijat..its power to ensure happiness, love and prosperity to one who possesses it. …She becomes furious…. Swiftly goes Narada to inform Krishna about the anger of Satyabhama ….who rushes to pacify the jealous Satyabhama…. Protesting… she demands not just one flower of Parijat but the Parijat tree itself…which is in Amravati ruled by Indra….The adventure of going to Amravati and bringing the divine tree is fraught with grave danger….. But Satyabhama wants it at all cost….

Forced to please his angry wife, Krishna, Satyabhama and gopis march towards Amravati…..As soon as Krishna with his wife reaches Amravati…he uproots Parijat tree and hands it over to his enraged wife…. determined to establish her superiority over Rukmani…. But soon enough he has to confront Indra for intruding Amravati and uprooting divine tree…. Drunk with his celestial power….Indra underestimates Krishna…challenges him for a combat which results in his humiliating defeat….

A pleased Satyabhama with an air of superiority ….flaunts Parijat tree with roots…trying to score the point that Krishna loves her so dearly that he offered her Parijat tree rather than a tiny flower…… A composed Rukmani with deep conviction says…”I have Krishna… the Lord of Dharma…Artha..Kama and Moksha…. Parijat tree stands nowhere in comparison..” how beautifully she expresses…worldly possessions are of little importance and what man needs is compassion, detachment and noble sentiments through a refined entertainment…

May be that is the reason.. the Parijat tree’s flowers bloom and fall away from the tree..it was rukmini’s selfless love for Krishna ..that even after Satyabhama owning the tree..flowers were blown away to rukmini’s palace..
It is the nature of the love..don’t try to possess it..