Ah Almaty…I thought I would be writing my Wednesday blog from Almaty… But I am here in Delhi… we canceled the plan… a day before the travel schedule… hotel and flight tickets booked… guide hired… itineraries made… suitcases packed… this is the life of a business house… life is unplanned many a times…but it has its perks also…
But the feel better factor is…it was snowing… raining and the temperature was -7…while planning the trip it predicted 7 to 14… Rather getting stuck in the hotel in rains and chill… it’s okay that we are not going… as traveling with parents… one needs to care for a lot of things… disappointment…but it’s okay…
But I can at least share the information I gathered after exploring… so someone planning a visit to Almaty gets benefited…
Very important…
No one understands English at Almaty… so taking a guide is advisable… I had found Zana… her contact number is +77029045698

The itinerary she made for us was great…
[Itinerary to be added]
The places we shortlisted were…
• City viewpoint
• Kolsai Lake
• Ice skating
• Ropeway koi Tobe
• Zenkav cathedral
• Paniflow park
• Almaty lake picnic
• Almaty Central Park 247 acres
• First presidential page
• Chukotka night life
• Medeu ice rink n Chimbulak ski resorts
• Pedestrian street
• Central mosque
• Green market

Few information I found useful on the web:

Top 10 Things To Do In Almaty, Kazakhstan

Don’t forget to check the weather forecast… it varies… when we booked our tickets 2 months prior… the forecast for these days were 6 lowest n 14 highest…
Around the time when we rechecked, it showed -7 lowest and 7 highest…

This was our plan –
Day 1:
Meeting at the airport with limo transfer for the whole family. Champaign, juice, fruits will be served
Driving to Ritz Carlton.
At 20:00 PM will wait for you for dinner with micro bus VIP level and will have lunch at fancy restaurants with an amazing view to the city


Ritz Carlton
Picture Courtesy:

After dinner short visit to Kok Tobe green Hill Mountain with beautiful panorama sight in the night of the whole city
Around 00:00
We will come back to hotelimg-20171102-145332-largejpg

 Kok Tobe
Picture courtesy:

Day 2:
11.00 city tour
Visit to old city with beautiful park, full of history, will visit Arbat square Broadway and national museum where we can get to know about Kazakhs for 1 hour no more. Highly recommended
After that brunch at a restaurant in the heart of the mountain with beautiful scenery
Back to hotel
20:00 PM
Will host you in a luxury mansion, where you will have dinner and outside we will prepare for a family campfire. Will serve delicious tea and at the same time will enjoy fire show.
Back to hotel
Day 3
Visiting Big Almaty Lake. It’s a must because it is a beautiful lake. During October the lake is most beautiful since it’s just blue.
Lunch in luxury restaurants you will fall in love with all food.
Back to the hotel and you will have free time for Esentai mall shopping and etc. near your hotel.

Almaty pic

Almaty Lake
Picture courtesy: Google

Day 4
The shymbulak ski resort, it’s already snowing in mountains
Shopping mall visit mass market
Lunch in the shopping mall Italian restaurant
21.00 to 2:00 night out


The shymbulak ski resort
Picture courtesy: Explore Almaty website.

Day 5
Charyn canyon. Small brother of Grand Canyon, exactly the same, but here you can walk through the canyons
Amazing view. The family will love it and after a night out everyone will have time for a nap as the road takes 3hours one way.
Come back at 18.00 PM
Diner in restaurant and back to the hotel


Charyn canyon.
Picture courtesy: Indy Guide

Day 6:
Departure! Time to bid goodbye.

Price is 3600$ for all 10 people
Limo airport to the hotel
Transfer micro bus VIP level
Guide me
Mansion diner with fire show
Kok Tobe entrance fees
Big Almaty lake entrance fees
Shymbulak cable car entrance fees
Night out tour
Charyn Canyon entrance fees and lunch
The food: a dinner in Cottage and Charyn Canyon lunch
Exclude Restaurant food