I have been meaning to start my weekly must be like me we all think..we are doing small jobs..worthless of mentioning or talking over a cup of tea..we get so lost with our daily chores…when do we stop n give ourselves a thought..when do we say.. oh Meeta…I love are amazing…
My journey starts now..
Let me share with you my small small not doings also..what I remember doing over the week…
Today I wore a all white dress..suddenly a wish to put frangipani flower in my hair bun..and I put the flower…smiled in the mirror…told myself ‘’I love you’’

I went for a spritual workshop at abhibindu..its a small cute wellness centre..the workshop was with Amir Imani..beautiful session..took a small n simple learning back home
‘’keep being..breathe..let it pass’’simple ..yet effective..
Met 3 new people..learnt a lot from all of them..

Abhibindu click

I watched a movie on netflix..’’coffee shop’’.cute ..romantic movie..about a small town coffee shop owner with her financial struggle n choices to be made… I need small pleasures to be happy in life..we just complicate it by making it look so complicated..

Coffee shop poster

I am reading a book’‘ The polite society’’ by Mahesh Rao…highly rated…not so fun..all about Delhi high society life…nothing just trying to finish it…will not a days recommendation is also influenced…who to trust…

The polite society cover

The news articles that caught my attention…
LGBT community can walk tall now..they are no more criminals now..section 377…
Cheers to the verdict..who are we to judge the preferences..


Proposal of using the wealth lying idle in Kerala temples to be used to rebuild the state..Kerala is home to some of the richest temples..the present crisis demands to use the treasures of the temple to rebuild the state..
I agree to it..

Kerala News

Bollywood..Mahesh Bhatt..on the trailer launch of his upcoming movie’’the dark side of life: The Mumbai city”..coming up with the acceptance about Bollywood n the subject is coming on the surface very often by the stars.. Kudos..

Bollywood news

The persuasion n following the heart…the love story of a Canadian student emails 264 Nicoles in search of the one he had met.. Made me smile..

Canada news

What is luxury..Indian Billionaire’s daughter UK’s “poshest student’’,says British media..a huge mansion is hired,,10 attendants to cater to her..

Billionaire news

Till next Wednesday..