Slum day

What i did over the week.. what i remembered..

My every month visit to slums to distribute food n sanitary napkins..i notice the sheer joy of sharing..caring n unconditional love..talking to girl in particular got my attention..bright eyes.. beautiful..
Not going to school as she doesn’t have Aadhar card.. let me try to put her in school..

I met Archana..on the set of sipping thoughts weekly shoot.. reiki practitioner..healer..i somewhere have faith in the philosophy of healing…so it was a good connect i felt meeting her..that’s the beauty of sipping thoughts.. you meet so many people from the different path of life..

ST set

I shopped.. i shopped 8 sarees from dastakar Indian craft n handloom love for many artisans hidden in much art n craft n weaves..

Handloom saree

I have started watching ‘’The Reign ‘’ on Netflix..i watched The in continuation of the same background.. lets see…


News that caught my attention..

Kudos to Dr VR Lalithambika  heading India’s Gaganyaan project
Read more at:


Petrol price rise…

Increase Your Budget for Diwali Shopping, Petrol Is Likely To Cross Rs 100/Litre Mark.

Festivity and pollution in India.