I do so many things professionally.. But, being a florist comes so naturally… Flowers are the most beautiful tools to design.. to play around..
While I was designing a simple home dinner set up for one of my client.. I usually preset a sample set up in my studio to make sure every flower set up is just perfect…
The toughest part is to bring so many color variation of flowers together…so many shades of blue in one simple Hydrangea flower…oh its beautiful n delicate..

I designed three areas of the house …
First area was a small corner in the foyer.. to set up the same mood n color story..i started with 2 ash grey stone finished vases.. one plant behind n one ceramic owl art piece…and 2 stem of lilies…very simple home done style florals.. Mixing artefacts with flowers is something I cannot do without..

Another corner followed by the same story.. I don’t believe in mixing too many varieties in the same space…it looks too busy n confusing to me..
So, the flowers n vases are the same..A little tweak in the pattern in the arranging the foliage makes the sweet little difference.. And adding another kind of ceramic simple art n a plant picked up n kept casually looks effortless.

Now comes the coffee table flowers.. these coffee tables are the new edition in my design studio..
They are table cum storage box.. very masculine..
Anyways.. From here we moved to clear glass vases n same pattern of flowers.. Since these tables are small…nothing extra on them to keep the tables free of fuss. As we always keep our glasses, snack plates n ash trays while we entertain the guests. These small things should always be considered while creating space design..

The entrance of the house.. Which is normally nonfunctional one ..I like to keep it very busy n impactful. So i move little away from the simple lilies to green anthuriums
..The style of arranging the flowers is Ikebana with a little twist.. The plant is bigger to balance the low long style of the flower arrangement.. And a cat couple piece of ceramic is kept there as to give the guests a bright welcome..

Now the florals done on the dining table.. I normally like to keep the flowers on the table low n simple so it is not a hurdle while talking.. It irritates me…
But in this particular case the table is used to keep foods. Not a sit down dinner. So I have a freedom to put bigger vases with high flowers…I used hydrangea flowers here to create a curiosity n display of connect…as if the flowers n designs are flowing from room to room…similar yet different..

Why I used hydrangeas …the shape n the roundness of the flower creates the balance on the table which is accessed from all sides..
Again, bringing ceramic birds n bird feeders create a synergy n character to the ambiance. The birds on the table symbolizes to bring food from all over to their nest…

The guests might not notice the whys n hows… all I know for sure…the evening will be great n happy…

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