Sitting here in my studio. Sipping thoughts n my own creative floral space. Every time I design something.. I feel I got a blank canvas, brushes n colors to play with. An empty space is a so childlike innocent which says treat me with love, with passion, with gentleness. You can give me any shape, any color, people can look at me and derive happiness or can simply ignore me. As long as I am looking happy n contended. I am not in competition with anyone..

Creativity is craziness. One does not know what the final result will be. Who will admire if its straight or crooked. Its beautiful or ugly. It can be a piece of broken wood log..a used basket picked up from a fruit seller..

sometimes I just look at the pieces around me. Sometimes it’s the junkyard of the warehouse. Next moment there is a beautiful art..smiling at me..connecting with me..suddenly it becomes me.. my reflection…that’s why we are crazy creative and emotional souls…
one experiences the bliss..

I am blessed. My gratitude to life for the experiences I received ..