Shops… markets….websites…. all are bombarded with Rakhi gifts….. Are we in a war zone or crazy fun festival time? Sometimes I wonder  how many of those fancy threads n toy rakhis are being made ..home made rakhi…..personalised rakhi…silver n diamond rakhi…the watch makers are making rakhis…

We all are making quick bucks…exploiting the emotional angle…it is so stressful to pick your  product…_MG_2639

How we use to joke in college about rakhi…sometimes bunking on rakhi day was essential and unavoidable….opportunity to get rid of the fan following  list of guys…a discreet way of  avoiding the love coated proposals….breaking hearts. …Disappointments……BHAI MAT BOLNA…a common joke in the campus…

The neighbourhood aunty ….targeting rakhi to change the status of a friendship to brothership…how much fun we used to get out of the game….In girl’s hostel every friend or a boyfriend is a cousin…..the most convenient n the most raised eyebrow relation status..there used to be a line of the cousins waiting outside the hostel in visiting hours..

We are the soft targets of the religion, customs n traditions…for everything we have a story to tell..

What is Rakhi? The mythology says that a the wife of a king of the lost battle sent the thread to a the neighbourhood king seeking protection….where is the brother tag attached to it..??

But, what is the true protection we need as women today? Do we really believe that our brother as a superman will come and save us when in trouble? Happier to keep it a bonding relationship..and being there for each other..

When a girl child is abused… being stared comments..pushed in a crowded buses…being targeted…do we really need the celebration of rakhi or do we need a safer and more responsible society…we always say..Oh! You are a man…a husband…a brother or father …who is supposed to be the protector and the provider…

.do I really want to believe it and go by the old school of thought? Have we ever thought of changing the way we look up and worship men to be our protector? Why not, start with an awareness and education from our little homes. Why not, tell the ‘future man’ of the society to respect the girls, take them as equals rather than a delicate weaker sex?

I rather raise a girl who is strong, educated and independent  than a week ,vunerable  girl seeking protection from the ‘brother man’ or the ‘husband man’…pic-2let her breathe in a safe and happy she asking much on rakhi or any other day..

I am not a feminist who is making some noise about equal rights. Just a small voice for the respect for a girl who can be a sister, mother, wife and co-worker or anyone in the same way as our loved ones.

The day we do so, there will be no need for a Rakhi day in our lives for protection.



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