Managed to live together…Some happy moments…some not….lots of ups and downs…Ageing together.. The seven years itch now we know why it was said…7 years are tough in the marriage …… not many people make it through the initial years only…..let alone 50 long years of togetherness…

We celebrated 50 years of my parents in law’s anniversary in April this year…..April this year.. done…celebrated in a gala event..finally when I am free I picked up my pen  to write down the whole event….

My father-in-law is a man full of life and happiness…..He announced 2 years back that he would celebrate it in a grand way and the list of invitees was long.. Family… friends… neighbours… extended families…. social groups…acquaintances…

The first task was to set up the final numbers to the guest list which could be a large one or a very intimate list. Whether you host a small dinner at home, book a restaurant, do a catered event or go for a destination event, celebrations are like shown in most of the movies now.


The choice was made after visiting many hotels we finalized the Westin Sohna Resorts as it was 50 kms away from Delhi. It was convenient and at a drivable distance with all the feeling of a holiday resort destination. It was booked for 2 nights.

The event started with the hotel check-ins, welcome lunch evening family sangeet performances and the couple dance. Next morning was a casual lazy breakfast with a surprise romantic table laid out for the couple. Afternoon was for mehndi and spa with a stand-up comedian for lunch time. It was a great mix as we had to keep all the age group engaged. The events and after events were unending but, not tiring at all with all the events in the same resort.

The next morning, event started with a retro Bollywood party. To add a personal touch and to pamper the couple, we, the whole family escorted them to the party venue while showering rose petals and their favorite song playing in the background. There was a VIP table laid down for the couple again. We surprised the couple be a modern version of their wedding vows renewal.

_U2A5189   _U2A5379

We picked up their daily life naggings, expectations, little fights and jokes into our plot. This turned out to be the highlight of the event as it was an impromptu and everyone there could relate to it. Guests requested for the plot and all I could answer was it is not picked up from somewhere. The couple has earned it in 50 years of journey and every plot is original.

Finally, the cake cutting ceremony happened. My cute mother-in-law made each and every person eat the cake with her hands as if, a dadi or nani is making the family eat halwa made by her at home. The happiness in the couple’s twinkling eyes were definitely the priceless moments.



And then I felt, Oh my God! The purpose and months of efforts have finally, paid off. There couldn’t be a better feeling of satisfaction than seeing the couple so happy and full on their 50th wedding anniversary.

_U2A5033                                              _U2A4950

I sat back finally and took a long deep breath. 22 years of my learning as a daughter-in-law and being a party planner has been a very successful and eventful journey. Been done with the event, I want to share my experiences and challenges with you. So, I can be of a little help in planning your milestone events in future-

  1. The Guestlist
  2. Itinerary
  3. Return gifts
  4. Entertainment
  5. Food menu
  6. Decor
  7. Family dance performance
  8. Pampering the couple
  9. Photography
  10. Dress code
  11. Special moments
  12. Fun elements to keep the party alive.

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