All my life I have listened, watched and seen love stories around. My dreams are innocent with my idea of romance being bunch of red roses, surprises, moonlight dinners, long drives while holding hands. Proposals and dating being the eminent part of meeting and knowing that one person.

I am in school, impulsively boyfriend word start floating in the air. Rosy cheeks, first kiss, bunking the school, ice cream dates and those sneaking out plans for the movies and yes, this is love.

Then comes the college and you move on, dismissing your school time encounters convinced this was just you with your childish take on love. Now, you are a teen with grown up thoughts on love all set to go on again. Keeping that emotional fool away you put yourself out there in search of clicks and compatibility.

Next comes the professional out of college, ready to meet someone with no more broken heart and a much more committed soul. While many of us have found our soul mates in that school time romance and the college clicks some of us are still searching for that one heart that is beating out there and looking for the fine-tuning. All we want is the person who understands us inside out and one could find them at any age and at any given point. All the love stories are magical and clearly has different beginnings with new chapters, twists and turns.

And this journey with the new hopes goes on. All those beautiful words about love and finding that someone could not be just made up or is it? Someone somewhere must have found the perfect one or is it just an idea?

I would really like to know your views on whether love stories exist or are just mere fiction?

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