Meeta Gutgutia

oh..again raised eyebrows..again some controversy..why she cannot go to a simple route in life..why is she not a traditional Indian girl..

the value system..the teaching from  the elders…Its God who has made the system…its been like this always..thats the way society works..

The man is a provider..He is the decision maker..I could never understand.. what gave a man to have more intelligence than a woman..?

The woman who leaves the parents home…a secured nest to uncertainty ..makes it her her old relations are mere guests in her new home..but its okay…just smile n live…because thats how it is supposed to be..and you live..
Does it hurt a man’s ego..does it
not go with the parameters n definitions of a good girl..?
I am a girl…I should take the convention route…delicate…dependant…docile..homely..protectable…vulnerable..
Like in typical fill..Head of the family?..How many dependent? Answer is…’my mother, my wife, kids’..
We are like a computer fed program and we are operated with the designed key buttons…and we are fine…so any little shift in the designed program and there comes a pop up on the screen…hey…you are not supposed to do are a girl.
And I say …ouch..there is an error…more raised eyebrows…there is a virus in the computer program…re program it…
And I say ‘ouch …I am a girl…’

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