Who am I???…why my fingers fumble when I write florist…designer…stylist…planner..?? Why don’t I post pictures.. Why don’t I promote myself..

I play with flowers.. I romance with nature.. I get inspired by trees.. I pick the colors from garden.. Mountains give me the scales to measure heights.. Water shows me depth.. Air is space.. Earth is the floor.. Falling leaves are the carpet patterns…

Who is creative.. How can I say I create?. .I just get inspired n I inspire…hunger to feed my soul.. Journey to my goal.. Reach the goal.. Rest and another journey starts calling you..

Creativity is restless.. Creativity is romance…creativity is a failure.. Creativity is a success story.. It’s a dream world…

Creative is not a designation or a fancy college degree.. it’s there in all of us.. In cooking food.. Dressing up.. Walking.. Sleeping…cleaning.. Raising the babies..

Our mind plays the pattern game…weave dreams…color the canvas while we are doing normal chores..

There is a restless.. An enthusiastic child within all of us…just feed the soul.. Let it make a mistake.. Let it play..

creativity is craziness

  Sitting here in my studio. Sipping thoughts n my own creative floral space. Every ...

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