Who am I life? You are the universe my love…life answers. We run after things, we chase dreams, we want to make the changes, we don’t accept the nature n its surrounding the they are .we fiddle with it, we provoke, we question, we expect, we try to correct everything, we see faults and imperfections. We feel we are the one who can change everything.
Sitting outside with some music, cool breeze, full moon and silence. You think…why am I here..what’s the purpose of my life. You have everyone around and still you are alone. You have the most perfect world still there is a void. You don’t want to live with a fake and hollow life. You are looking for a purpose of you being here.


Today I realize. When you surrender. You get all the answers n purpose of you being here, new door opens. It smiles at you. Walk you along holding your hand. You are just a child who is unnecessarily burdening itself wondering…IS IT LIFE..? So easy and simple and beautiful. No…there is certainly something wrong. It is not supposed to be simply perfect and you run around recklessly n restlessly in search of trouble.


Believe me or not, life is a beautiful stage. You are a character in the act. You have to live your role with honesty n committedly.
There is nothing beyond this. Let it go. Forget things. Forgive people. Surrender to nature. Don’t look down at things..
Smile,laugh,smell the flowers,walk,dream,touch the grass, enjoy the food, listen to music,dance,travel,love yourself and live as if it is the last day of your life.
Because someone sitting up there says…Baby I created a beautiful life because you are the most precious to me…
So live, love n laugh…
Love you life..

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